Wednesday, 8 May 2013

An eternal love story of a Indian boy and a Russian Girl

This is a story of a boy Raj from a western region of India and a Russian girl Anna who met him on internet.It was during the end of June when Raj met with an accident and broke this ankle and was advised to take a complete bed rest for about 30 days.He wanted to do some thing different, like learning a new language and meeting new people.He wanted to learn Russian or Spanish.Making Interpals and taking to them was the only beginning to this wonderful story.No one knew that this will change his life forever.This girl Anna was a very stubborn, not interested in having conversation with some one from India (because she never had interest about this country).The moment Raj saw here,he was in love with those green eyes and cunning smile and he wanted to get to know this girl.Days passed and they began to talk.After few days Raj told her that he likes her very much but this was a shocker for Anna because she never expected this would happen.She wanted some time to ans him back but she told him " i don't believe in Love its all fake, my heart is like a stone, u will have to break the stone to get in it which is impossible for you ". Raj was broken into pieces but he never gave up but he replied that he would wait till the stone breaks into pieces and he will show her the light of love, he will teach her how it feels to be in love.

Lets first know more about this two love birds before we move any further. Raj was a 24 year boy who never had a relationship before, he was stubborn, lazy, and not so attractive to have many girlfriends in his collage days, all we can say is a average Indian boy.Anna was neither size zero model she was also an average Russian girl who had graduated from university and doing a boring job. She had couple of relationships before and a long distance relationship just before Raj approached her.Her boy friend got married to another girl because of which now she believes that Love is all fake and all men are the same.So now she did not wanted to get into another long distance relationship.

Few days later,Anna said yes to Raj because now it was the time when they both were in love with each other.They chatted all day,through skype and Interpals there was no moment that they did not share with each other.Late night skype video conversations made the relation more stronger and now they started to think where this will take them. Now Raj decided that it was time to take a decision and make a move he wanted to be with her. Raj had planned to do masters in UK and settle down with her. She also wanted to move out from Russia as it was not possible for both to stay in their respective countries.Now they began to think about their future, she wanted a house with 3 kids, first 2 boys (twins) followed by a girl the dream now had reached way far than it was suppose to be.The bond had developed so strong that they could not stay away from each other.The worst thing was it was almost impossible for Raj to get admission now as the time had passed away for any university but he still wanted to take a last chance.

Anna had told him that if he gets admission and he moves to UK than it will be the first step towards their dream which they saw together.He was still not fully recovered and was not 100 % fit to walk on his feet.But he still traveled alone gave out entrance exams and applied for university and visa. May be that this was his best days and he carried luck in his pocket. Before leaving to UK Raj had received his first Post card from Anna. She wrote all about their favorite talks. He always called her DODO, its just a nick name which has no meaning but just love.

Every thing went according to the way he had planned and now it was time to fly to UK finally it looked like the dream that they both saw is getting started.Now it was a testing time for both ,we always say its easier to dream but when it comes to reality only few can handle it. Raj had landed in UK he had never been in a foreign country before so every thing around him looked like a candy for a kid who wants every single thing he see.New environment, new people, new friends all together was a new experience for Raj, and the the fear that Raj might get carried away in the UK and forget about Anna looked like coming true.Anna always had this fear in her mind that he might meet more beautiful girls in UK and he will forget her.For couple of days there was no proper communication with Raj, now Anna began to worry because it seems like she had lost every thing in a flash. But Raj had not forgotten Anna but instead was not able to adjust the timing with every single thing he gets on his way ,new life style, away from home, new place, new attractions at university. Anna was very angry that he has no time for her. After few days Raj realized that he had done a big mistake even if he did not done it purposely he was suppose to give her enough time even if he is at uni.
He apologized because he realized that it was his biggest mistake.Things came back to normal. now the exchange of gifts had began postcards,chocolates etc

It was the time,when she received her first birthday present from Raj in November.He had gifted her a nice elegant black purse, perfumes,eye liners, makeup set, pearl set, a Scarf, some chocolates well packed in beautiful golden paper and tied with a black ribbon along with a beautiful hand made Card crafted with butterflies and flower. She received it couple of days after her birthday due to some issues with Russian post. But when she opened it she couldn't stop her tears. She cried like a baby she loved the gifts and the card he had made for her.Now they wanted to meet in reality.So Raj told her to come to UK to improve her English and study in English school for 2 weeks.She planed her trip in April.Now the excitement was about to begin.There was eagerness as well as a fear in minds of both.They always thought what if he/she doesn't like me in reality because they both were not so attractive nor very good looking.

Days passed every day with a different approach about how to spend this two weeks. Raj started to spend less money and did not go any where on trip during his time in UK so that he could save money when she comes over and than travel with her. During this period Raj had made lot of mistakes made her angry but finally they all sorted the fight and the things were normal.They spend new year Christmas together with a nice wine and dinner on skype. It was all happiness just before the storm strikes now slowly Anna found his talks boring and began to chat less but they still skyped every single day before she went to bed.Now she began to doubt their relationship Anna began to think that Raj is not able to understand her. Slowly every day skype sessions became less and now they did that every alternate days or after every two days some times even missed for 3 days in a row. Raj was not aware of what is going on in her mind.She told him that she gets tired every day after work and gym and need to sleep.The thorn of poison had began to get deeper in the flesh of this relationship.

It was that day when Anna was very disturbed about her relationship with her colleagues from her office and she told Raj that every one gossips about her .It was a time that no one liked her in the office but instead they liked the other girl her best friend with whom she had fight a week ago and that fight is growing even bigger.
she was tensed before when Raj told her to talk to her and finish things off she had refused.Now she was not ready to share problems with Raj thinking that Raj doesn't understand her and its useless telling him,he cant help.But this time Raj insisted her to tell him what was disturbing her so much and why is she so tensed. So she took a last chance. Raj told her to tell her friend not to do all this dirty stuff and stop the gossip.This was very hurtful to Anna now she felt that Raj will never understand her.She kept quite and text him saying she wanna break up with him because he does not understand her and she already have so many problems in life that she wanna solve them and the most easiest one was Raj and it was simple to solve by just  break up. Raj was in shock when he read the lines on his phone.He bagged her for forgiveness. He knew it was his last chance because ha had done a lot of silly mistakes and she had told him that this was his last chance.

Now Raj was broken into pieces he never wanted this to happen.every single day he bagged for forgiveness  She always told him that she doesn't like Valentines day because she believed that men should make a women feel special every day not only for one day.But now she wanted to celebrate this day now. So they skyped for long time. Raj new that she had shown a sudden change in behavior in last 2 days. She started to act childish and wanted to show Raj that she is very happy and always smiling. He knew that its something gonna happen after this so he just wanted to ask her about why is he doing this to him and not to leave him this way.But she simply said lets sleep now.Wished him a good night and a good life ahead.

Every thing for Raj just stopped like how you feel after the storm when every thing is destroyed  She had blocked him from every possible site and left with no contact accept her phone number.She told him that its hard for both but she wanna move on so do not disturb her and her family in future. Raj tried to ask for forgiveness every single day since she had kept facebook unblocked but deleted him from her account.He had his exams in 15days,tons of course work to be completed and he was now broken down into pieces with tears of forgiveness in his eyes.But all he got in return was nothing.

Now the month of April was close.he had promised her that he would come to pick her up on airport and than spend one day at his place and then drop her to her destination.But all this was way before the breakup and now there was another twist that came just a month before the breakup some where in January. She told him that she had canceled her plans to UK because she don't wanna meet him this was during their fight which than was resolved.She also told Raj that she had applied in Malta to learn English and canceled UK plan Raj was very upset but now after breakup he had this in his mind that is he really going to Malta or she is coming to UK.but he thought she would have not told me this because she told him about Malta almost a month before their breakup.So he did not go on the airport but she had actually not cancelled her plans.She came that day n stayed near his university took pictures and when she went back to oxford for her 2 week study she posted it on facebook. Raj is to visit her page every day he noticed that pictures of her in UK and he could not believe that she did this to him.She came so close and did not meet him. He text her saying he want to meet her but she said No, he still went to Oxford to see her she refused to see him. He waited out of her school all day just to see her once in his life.But she lied to him saying she is in London but the GPS on facebook messenger saved Raj from returning home.He asked for 5 mins to see her.Now she started to make a excuses saying she and her new friends have plans of walking down the street after class and she can not cancel them because of him.He still waited after the end of the day waiting outside her gate for almost 5 hours he got to see her.At the end of the day she came out with couple of friends but showed no interest in talking to him,always busy with her new friends and showed as if she does not even care about his visit to see her.But finally all the friends were tiered and wanted to go back home and now she had no other option but left with Raj alone.So Raj looked into her eyes and asked her "what you wanna do now?? Go back home? " she knew that he waited for her since morning so she said she would not mind to have a walk at the garden. They had a walk in a garden he wanted to sit and talk to her ,hug her feel her once but she refused to even hold his hands.This was very hurtful to him. Its a feeling like someone is stabbing you on the face and you cant stop him from doing that because you love that person so much.Later he walked her down her accommodation so that he gets little more time to see her and asked her if he could be there to drop her on the airport. She said she will text him the timings and details.He was happy at last that atleast he got to spend 45 minutes with her in garden walking the streets and will now get some time to be with her on airport. Raj came happily back home.

The worst part began when she refused to meet him before she left UK told him that he better not come to see her on airport.Now Raj was hurt again. He stopped bothering her UK trip now. Raj still visits her facebook page and likes her picture.Wishes her on every occasion no matter its a woman's day or its a Russian Easter but in return he doesn't get a message. Raj had promised her that she will be the only woman's he will spend his life with he still tries to be faithful to the women who lied to him that she is taller than him during the breakup and when she meet him she was way shorter.Who knows how many lies she told him about her.He still cant figure it out when she said to him in the garden "its good for you in future" ,this happened when he commented on her hair and realized that there was a fight long time ago and he had promised her he will not comment on her hair again.So when he realized he quickly said "sorry no comments on your hair. " but she replied with " yes you better not say any thing ..its better for your future... Oops ..see i gave you a Hint " What she really mean by this line is still a mystery.

Thank you for reading my blog.This is a real story so i would like to have comments and some suggestions to Raj from your side.Please drop me your comments this will encourage me to write more and share more with you.